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Fyrfalk Content is a content-production and publishing company run by journalist and producer Magnus Fyrfalk. Magnus is also an experienced moderator both in Sweden and internationally. Welcome to scroll down to get to know us and our services!

Swedish: Huvuddelen av innehållet på vår sajt är på engelska eftersom vi har en stor del internationella uppdrag just nu. Den svenska versionen kommer när vi är färdiga med ombyggnationen av sajten under våren 2023.

Corporate event communication with a difference

When creating and producing a meeting for our clients, we always put the participant’s experience in the foreground. Which tools and methods are best suited to create the desired outcome of the meeting? We use journalistic methods to dive deep into your culture, messages, and objectives of the event. Then, we merge this with decades of combined experience in creating concepts for successful and uplifting congresses, conferences, or webcasts, to a format for your unique event.

Our mission is to bring the ‘feeling’ of your company into the on-stage presentations and make them work on a deeper emotional level than only the facts and figures. The methods we use are never ‘gimmicky’ or just there for the sake of being ‘new’. We know they are bringing corporate meeting communication into the 21st century and making it suitable for our times and a new generation. Always with a high degree of interaction and care for your brand and your relations. 

Some of our suggestions might seem a bit “novel” but rest assured we have tried, tested, and perfected them over the past 15 years. And even though we sometimes encounter some initial apprehension when it comes to changing the way meetings usually are done, we always achieve our aim to deliver excellence.

Swedish: Självklart arbetar vi till stor del även i Sverige och på svenska. Välkommen att kontakta mig, Magnus Fyrfalk, så berättar jag mer!

About Magnus Fyrfalk

Magnus Fyrfalk is a journalist, moderator, and senior content producer for large corporate events and television/webcast productions, both in Sweden and internationally. He has developed his unique form of producing and moderating meetings over the past 15 years. Always with a strong focus on participant involvement and interactivity.

His foundation is his education in journalism and tv-production. During his career, Magnus has worked closely with the top management of several international companies such as Gates, Hiab, Electrolux, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, PwC, Deloitte, IBM, Södra Cell, Staples, Galvin Green, and countless others.

He has also worked as a presenter and editor for Swedish national television and as a news anchor for regular financial broadcasts for one of the leading banks in Sweden.

Although now based in Sweden, Magnus has lived and worked internationally, including in the UK, Belgium, and Spain.

Magnus is also a passionate long-distance hiker. In 2021 he published a book about his first hike along the legendary pilgrim’s road ’El Camino’ to Santiago de Compostela. This book became the starting point of Fyrfalk Content Publishing. 

making your book-dream come true

Maybe it is a generational thing, but in our time, many of us have ’writing a book’, high on our bucket lists. So did Magnus Fyrfalk, and a couple of years ago he gathered a group of book-designing talent from different parts of the world, to publish his first book ”Den Tidlösa Vägen”, about his first pilgrimage on the legendary trail ’El Camino’ in northern Spain. 

The same team has since then taken on new projects, helping persons to launch their books to domestic or international audiences. 

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